Salsa Recipe| Home-Made Salsa

PinExt Salsa Recipe| Home Made Salsa

salsa 1 2 3 Salsa Recipe| Home Made SalsaSalsa Recipe: Home Made Salsa

My Mom’s Home Made Salsa

I don’t know about you but I LOVE SALSA!!! It’s pretty great for you too.

My mom was pretty generous to share her ingredients with me so that I can share with you. The best thing is that all of these ingredients can also be grown in your home garden. So if you’re ready to learn learn how to make an awesome home made salsa recipe here you go…

salsa ingredients Salsa Recipe| Home Made Salsa

Ingredients that you will need:

  • tomatoes
  • cilantro
  • green onions
  • chili
  • garlic cloves

Now what you add next all depends on how hot you want your Salsa to be so here’s some tips from my mom…

salsa before blending Salsa Recipe| Home Made Salsa


2 chilies

3 large tomatoes

2 Green onions

2 cloves of garlic

1/2  cup of finely cut cilantro

Add about 1/4 cup of water and blend. If you feel you need more water go ahead.

Once everything is blended add 1/2 of a chopped onion, and another half a cup of cilantro and mix it with a fork. Do not blend.

Pepper to taste  according to how you like it.



Add everything above and add 2 or 3 more chiles.

We don’t use salt but depending on how you like things you can add a teaspoon of Knoor®
for flavor.

If either recipe is too hot for you add more tomatoes.

Enjoy this on your food or as a salsa/dip.

Coming soon….Salsa Fresca recipe from my mom! Subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here or on the top left corner of this blog.

Message me I’d love to hear how yours turned out and how you liked it!


Ilyana Castaneda

PinExt Salsa Recipe| Home Made Salsa

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Exercise Your Freedom

PinExt Exercise Your Freedom

Exercise YOUR Freedom

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! I hope you have a wonderful day. I’m going to hang out by the pool and relax and just enjoy my family. I hope you enjoy this holiday and think about PUSHING towards your Independence and don’t let anything hold you back towards reaching for your goals!


We all have the ability to pursue our health and fitness goals. That’s awesome, isn’t it? Are you doing this? If not, what’s holding you back? You can do anything you put your mind to!


My personal goal as a fitness consultant/coach is to help as many people as possible reach their goals…that includes YOU…so that you can continue  to live a more healthy and fulfilling life. I really want to help YOU!

You’re call the shots in your life, you are in control. So take it! We are in the 7th month of the year…Don’t wait until 2013 to get started. Make today the day! You have the freedom to do this! My wish is to see you reach the fitness goals you’ve been aiming for. Let me help you! I want to invite you to join my FREE accountability group on Facebook. Just click here to get started

I’ve been so amazed to see how many of my family, friends, and fellow coaches have been able to get the results that they want by completing a Beachbody® Program. Do you already have a program? Have you started it? If not, let’s open it up and get started together. I have a Fit Crew Challenge group starting on July 16th, 2012 and also an accountability group! Let’s get you moving…2012 isn’t over yet. If you haven’t started on a program yet let me help you choose a program that’s going to get you the results YOU are looking for. Just reply back to me by clicking here.


My Challenges,Fit Crew, and "Say I Do To Health & Fitness" accountability group have been doing AMAZING!! Challenges are filling quicker. The group is getting pumped and energized. Let me help you get started and share this with you…Commit to a Challenge Pack and get into my "Fit Crew" for FREE!!! Get the daily support, motivation, and accountability to help you through a Beachbody®
 Challenge Pack that gives RESULTS!!!

14 95 trial in orange Exercise Your Freedom

This is only for the 3 programs in the picture. I can only get you this Trial Challenge Pack offer until July 31st, 2012. So what are you waiting for?? Get started by going to, click shop, then click on trial Challenge packs. If you want to learn how to join my team and also continue to get discounts off of Beachbody® Products for helping others contact me first by clicking here!

Have a wonderful 4th of July! Celebrate your freedom to have choices in your life…SO EXERCISE THAT RIGHT!


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What Is Your Health Worth To YOU?

PinExt What Is Your Health Worth To YOU?

What is Your Health Worth To You?

What is your health worth to you What Is Your Health Worth To YOU?

The first question I’m going to ask you is…Are you willing to     change you? If you are please continue reading. If not, that’s okay too. Everyone has a right to make their own decisions. You can always continue reading on and bookmark this so that when you are ready you can take action!

Do any of these apply to you, either all the time or sometimes?

    1.    I do not have or know which workouts to do at the gym to yield results.
    2.    I do not have a program or  I am not working on a program to meet my fitness goals.
    3.    I have a workout program or Beachbody® workout program. I just do not do it.
    4.    I do not know enough about eating right or making healthy choices.
    5.    I know how to eat healthy. I just do not do it.
    6.    I have not really taken responsibility for working out.
    7.    I have not really taken responsibility for learning how to eat healthy.
    8.    I’m lazy when it comes to disciplining myself to eat healthy or workout.

I’m not saying that I’m perfect or by any means trying to make you feel bad. I just want you to take a real hard look at some of the habits you currently have and if you’re willing to work on these habits .

Change can be difficult but with the right support, motivation, and dedication you can do anything.

Now answer these questions:

  1. Are you willing to take full responsibility for eating healthy and working out?
  2. Are you willing and ready to commit to yourself to make the changes necessary to   enjoy your health, be fit, and eat right?
  3. Do you feel that you would be successful in changing habits 1-8 , if you had someone to hold you accountable, and to guide you in the right direction?  

If you’re willing and ready then GREAT!! It’s never to late to make changes within your lifestyle to embark on a life of being fit, eating healthy, and becoming a healthier you!!!

Now, where do you start right? It’s not just about the physical journey. It’s about your mental journey as well.

One book that I would really recommend to everyone is The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. It will really help you with developing yourself,  goal setting and readjusting your thoughts. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy is totally the book that will feed your mind and help you rework through developing positive habits to help you reach your goals.

Now to help you with your fitness and eating habits I offer a Fitness Challenge every month that sets  plan.  if you’re willing to commit to it? Are you ready?

I want to invite you to join my next Beachbody® Fitness Challenge where we will work together to help you start with the right fitness program to meet YOUR goals within your physical abilities, work on developing and learning healthier eating habits, while getting the support that you need to be successful. We will work together along with the other Challengers in an exclusive Facebook group to support you daily in your journey. You will connect with others who are working on their fitness goals and ready to take action!!

If you’re ready to do this. Click here to see when my next upcoming Challenge is starting. Make sure you contact me by clicking here to save your spot and talk more about how to get started.

I know that with dedication and commitment to your goals you can do anything you put your mind to!! Now let me help you take action and get started on your fitness journey!!

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Useful Fitness and Health Apps Websites and Tools

PinExt Useful Fitness and Health Apps Websites and Tools

IMG 0325(1) Useful Fitness and Health Apps Websites and Tools

Useful Fitness and Health Apps,

Websites, and Tools

By Ilyana Castaneda

Do you ever search the APP, websites or tools to help you with your health or fitness goals? Here are a few that I think are really cool. I hope this helps you on your fitness journey!

Free Apps:
MapMyWalk by MapMyFitness - I use this APP every week with my walking group. This app tells us how many miles we are walking, what our time is, speed, pace, and calories burned. This App is free and  you can tweet or Facebook your walk. It also shows a map of your walk. You can friend others or create a profile. Really i just use this to keep track of time and miles with my walking group and every mile it announces your distance, time, and pace.
They also have an app called MapMyRun, MapMyHike, MapMyRide and a few others too.

Fooducate™- This APP is even fun for the kids to use also. You can use this APP at the grocery store.  There’s a scanner where you scan the product barcode and it will rate your product  an A, B, C, or D it even includes pluses or minus and it will offer recommendations for healthy alternatives. You can also make a shopping list and get tips by reading the daily tips. There are even little contests where you can scan different products. I always forget to check that but it is a pretty cool app. It’s available on the iTunes® and Android® Markets.

Paid Apps:

P90X® APP-For P90X® fanatics. You can take P90X® anywhere with you to do P90X®. This APP provides customization, convenience, personalization, portability and motivation. You can chart your progress, auto-schedule P90X® Classic, lean, or doubles, track your sets, log your personalized nutrition journal, track your sets, reps, or weights as they go up. This APP gives to Live guided video demos by Tony Horton.With this app you can earn achievement badges and share your results online on Twitter and Facebook, You get audio guidance as well.  You also get access mobile logins to the Team Beachbody® WOWY SuperGym™ if you have a Beachbody® Account. No worries if you don’t just click here for a free one. Here’s a tip: You have to make sure that your email for your Team Beachbody® Account matches your email on your iTunes Account. Check it out


On the Internet:
This is one of my favorite tools that I use everyday. Click here for a little peak of my profile just click on the view my workouts. I log them live instead of schedule them automatically just look on the right hand side and click view my workout calendar. I log my workouts in the Team Beachbody® WOWY SuperGym™. This is a complete online and fitness community. Get tips on how to Get Fit, Eat Smart, Watch Success Stories to keep you motivated, check out the online community of people who are working on their health and fitness goals too. Under the Eat Smart tab you can check your Body Fat, Healthy Weight, and Caloric Needs Calculators. Get a free account and your own personal fitness coach, me, Ilyana Castaneda check it out here

If you want to upgrade to the Team Beachbody® Club Membership you get access to the Team Beachbody® Meal Planner where you can plan your meals according to your caloric needs, get a tailored meal plans, a shopping list to take the guess work out of the ingredients you need to purchase, recipes, and nutritional values. You can also edit your food preferences to exclude foods in up to two categories: Pork, Fish, Chicken, shellfish, Red Meat, Whole Eggs, and Nuts. With the Team Beachbody® Club Membership you also get 10% off of Beachbody® Products, and access to the Beachbody
® Celebrity Trainer live chats for more info click here

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My Les Mills Pump Fitness Journey Week 7

PinExt My Les Mills Pump Fitness Journey Week 7

My Les Mills Pump Fitness Journey–Week 7

By Ilyana Castaneda

Hi, I’m into week 7 of my Les Mills Pump Journey. I totally love this program. It’s great for me because I am a single mom and I want to work on my fitness goals without having to leave my son. Using the Beachbody Programs and being a Beachbody Coach has really helped me to do this because I can wake up early and get my workouts done while my son is sleeping. This is really great because I don’t have to leave the house, or drive to the gym, which can also save on gas money too.

I am still enjoying this program. A few things I do to get myself thourgh this in the morning is that I make sure that I have my DVDs that I need for that mornings workout either in the DVD payer or next to it so it’s ready to go. Honestly, sometimes I even workout in my PJs and I put my shoes right outside my bedroom door. Check out the video below for my update on Week 7!! Wahoo bring it on Week 8!


If you need help with your fitness goals and are looking for a coach click here for a free Beachbody Account with me, Ilyana Castaneda as your coach. Also fill out this contact me form for more information on my next upcoming Challenge or Accountability Group

For more information on Les Mills Pump Click here






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Are you looking for a great liquid eyeliner that lasts? | This Liquid Last Eyeliner Is A Must Have!

PinExt Are you looking for a great liquid eyeliner that lasts? | This Liquid Last Eyeliner Is A Must Have!

MAC Liquid last eyeliner Are you looking for a great liquid eyeliner that lasts? | This Liquid Last Eyeliner Is A Must Have!Are you looking for a great liquid eyeliner that lasts?

Okay, so sorry but this post is mostly for my female friends out here this time. I don’t know about you but it’s pretty tough sometimes to find makeup that will last and look great.

I’m always looking for makeup that will last and I don’t have to keep applying it all day. So I thought I’d share this tip with all my friends. I know I’ve mentioned this before but for those of you that are just getting to know me.  I’m a mom and I’m also a teacher during the day so that doesn’t leave much time for me to reapplying makeup over and over during the day. I also have oily eye lids ugh..LOL so I needed to find an eyeliner that I feel works best and I think I’ve found it. Just incase you’re wondering, you can consider me one of those girls that goes to the gym with her eyeliner on.

This past weekend I bought the MAC Liquid Last Eyeliner this stuff works great. I can put it on in the morning like at 6am or 7am and it will stay until I personally take it off. It doesn’t crack, smear or smudge. I’ve found the perfect eyeliner for me. Whether you’re super busy or looking for a long lasting eyeliner this one is awesome.  I’ve tried other liquid eyeliners and really by 3pm if not earlier that stuff is already cracking or ready to come off but not this stuff I can keep it on all night.

I usually use makeup wipes to take off my makeup but even with makeup wipes I’m still rubbing it off a bit so when the person at the MAC counter asks you if you want the makeup remover to go with it BUY IT! I actually went back to the store to buy it.

This awesome Liquid Last Eyeliner is only $18.50 plus tax. I think that’s pretty great and it definitely is worth every penny. I’ve bought other high end brand liquid eyeliners before that were more than $18.50 that do not provide long lasting wear or state that they are water proof and come off or smear during the day. I’m keeping my vote for Mac Liquid Last. The name totally fits. You can bet that MAC Liquid Last Eyeliner is my new liquid eyeliner of choice. I know this summer when I go swimming this liquid eyeliner is staying on for sure!!

PinExt Are you looking for a great liquid eyeliner that lasts? | This Liquid Last Eyeliner Is A Must Have!

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Getting Your Child Ready For Testing | Preparing Your Child For Testing

PinExt Getting Your Child Ready For Testing | Preparing Your Child For Testing
Getting Your Child Ready For Testing

Kid testing Getting Your Child Ready For Testing | Preparing Your Child For Testing
It’s that time of year again as if there aren’t already enough tests for students to take in school now in days. I’ve been teaching middle school for 8 years now so I have also served as an test examiner for State Testing for 8 years. Before that I substitute taught and assisted with the administration of C.E.L.D.T. (California English Language Development Tests).

I know this time of year may be a bit stressful for your child. Schools are really focused on high test scores and having students do the best. If your child is in middle school and on their way to high school this can also determine their class placement at the high school and whether or not they need to add in extra support classes or they can be placed in Advanced Placement or Accelerated/Honors courses. Either way this can be a lot of pressure for your child to do well. This is when having a balance in their lives can be so important. Yes testing is important in the world of academics but your child’s growth and personal development as a happy, healthy, and prosperous individual is even more important. Teaching them or assisting your child to find that balance is key especially at this time during the year.

During testing season and really anytime during the year it is really important for your child to get a great nights sleep and eat a healthy breakfast before they go to school. Students who are well rested can generally focus more on their tests and not feel to sleepy. Eating a healthy breakfast also helps them to concentrate. It is so hard to concentrate and do well when your stomach is growling and making noises.

The morning and the night before testing encourage them. Let them know that you believe that they can do anything they put their mind to and that no matter what the results of the tests are you love them no matter what. Feed them the self-confidence they need. Remind your child that this test is important to academics and it is great for them to try their best but it does not evaluate what sort of placement your child has in your heart as a parent. Attitude goes a long way and so does having the right mindset. With the right attitude, mind set, and goals your child can achieve anything the are willing to put the time and handwork into!

I understand that they day can get pretty busy, trust me I’m a full-time teacher, a mom, and a fitness consultant am I busy too? You bet! Schedule in some time with your child without interruptions. Make sure they know that even though you have other things going on in your life, they are one of your top priorities. Schedule this time together and call it your “Quality Time” or whatever you like. Knowing that you both have this time together will be awesome. Talk to them ahead of time and plan what you are going to do during your “Quality Time”.

Try talking to them before testing and doing something fun after school with them to ease the tension. Fun and inexpensive things to do would be go for a walk, they need that fresh air after testing, go outside and play catch, soccer, basketball, football or whatever is your favorite sport together. Have a nice home cooked dinner or take your dinner and eat outside and enjoy the air. Get that fresh air in and that exercise in because as much as we need to exercise as adults so do children.

PinExt Getting Your Child Ready For Testing | Preparing Your Child For Testing

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Tips For A Better Nights Sleep | Are you getting enough rest?

PinExt Tips For A Better Nights Sleep | Are you getting enough rest?

girl sleeping Tips For A Better Nights Sleep | Are you getting enough rest?

Tips for A Better Nights Sleep
Are you getting enough rest?

Believe it or not it’s just as important to schedule your sleep, as it is to   schedule everything else within your day. Are you a busy person or a parent like me? I know sometimes because I am so busy, and I am a mom I stay up later to get my work done. I’m really trying not to let my work interfere with my quality time with my son or other activities he and I have planned throughout the week.

There were nights where I would catch myself getting less sleep on certain nights than others because I’m still trying to get things done. I would also catch myself thinking about things I need to take care of before I go to bed. I totally stopped watching TV before bedtime because it’s such a time warp. I would catch myself staying awake to see what was going to happen next and then feeling super tired the next day.

I’ve often wondered while how much sleep do I need anyways? According to WebMD adults need about 8 to 10 hours of sleep. However, if you’re well rested than 5 hours can also be sufficient. How many hours do you feel that your body needs? Sometimes I feel I need more sleep on certain nights than others.

I know that when I’m well rested  it really helps me feel great, in a better mood, and I’m able to maintain a stronger focus on my day time tasks or activities. If you’re a busy person or a parent like me I’m sure you would appreciate that on days that you’re driving around getting things done or  your driving your children around to their extra-curricular activities. If you’re like me I’m sure you want to be at your best when your with your loved ones or children too.

Here’s a few quick tips that I’ve used to help me with a restful night:

1. Make a "Brain Dump" list. Funny title huh?
I was listening to an audio by Brian Tracy and he suggested making a list of all the activities that you want or need to accomplish almost like a to do list before you go to bed. Trust me this works. My mind isn’t wandering on what I need to get done and I fall asleep a lot quicker when I do this.

2. Set an alarm for your bedtime!
Yes, just like I set an alarm to wake up I’ve also tried setting an alarm for going to bed. I recommend setting it at least a half an hour to an hour before depending on what you need to accomplish and what you need to take care of before you go to bed.

3. Take A Moment To Be Grateful
Be thankful for all the great things that are in your life.

For other tips on staying fit and healthy. Sign up here for a Free Beachbody®Account with Ilyana Castaneda.

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How To Add Healthy Flavor To Your Water

PinExt How To Add Healthy Flavor To Your Water

water fruit ice How To Add Healthy Flavor To Your Water

How To Add Healthy Flavor To Your Water.

Do you ever get sick of just plain old water?

Do you ever get sick of just plain old water? It’s healthy for us and their are so many countless benefits that water has to keeping us healthy, and fit. However, for some who just need a little something extra for their water it’s nice to add a little twist.

The daily recommendation is 64 ounces per day the same as 8 eight ounce glasses of water each day and sometimes even more if you’re working out to an intense fitness program for example Insanity, TurboFire, P90X, or P90X2 however, when in doubt always consult your doctor. The Mayo Clinic reports that if you are engaging in intense exercise that you add about 1.5 to 2.5 cups more a day.

If you’re a person who really doesn’t care for plain water here are some recommendations to flavor up your water in  a healthy way:

*Add fruits to it like cucumbers, lemons, strawberries, kiwi, raspberries, watermelon, pineapples

*Add mint leaves

Something else you can do is get a few ice cube trays and fill them with water and your favorite fruit or even mint leaves or both. Then freeze them and add that to your water.

When you try this comment here and let me know how you liked adding a little twist to your water.

I’d love to hear from you!

Ilyana Castaneda

Are you looking for more tips or info to help keep you healthy and fit? Click here for a  Free Beachbody Account with Independent Beachbody Coach Ilyana Castaneda. Get access to newsletters, and on online community to help you stick with your fitness goals.

To sign up for fitness coaching with me  or my next Fitness Challenge or Accountability Group Contact me here



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Quick Tips To Starting A Workout Program

PinExt Quick Tips To Starting A Workout Program

Time to Workout Quick Tips To Starting A Workout Program


Quick Tips For Starting Workout Program

Tips for Starting A Home Workout Program

By: Ilyana Castaneda


One of the toughest things I hear my friends and clients talk about when starting a workout program is finding the time to workout. Like Jim Rohn said, "Either you run the day or the day runs you.“ So what I’m saying is that just like setting time to meet up with your friends, take care of errands, and run around to appointments, it’s also important to schedule a time to workout. No matter what time of day works best for you make this a time that you are totally     committed to.

Personally, I work out at 5am when I’m not on a break from teaching. Why on earth did I pick 5am? Well 5am is a time that no one in my house is up, I won’t get interrupted or have to ignore my son to workout, and I get it done and it gives me time to take the rest of the day on! I have my alarm on my iPhone programmed and set to go off. The night before I check my workout schedule and I get the DVDs that I am going to use and I put it in the DVD player and if I have to do a second one then I put that next to the DVD Player. Right now the program  I’m working out to Les Mills Pump so I"m going by that calendar. I do this because honestly at 5am I don’t even know my name! So I have to commit myself, and tell my self in the morning GET UP GET UP!

So to sum it up here are some quick tips:

1. Pick a time and stick with it! YOU run your day not the other way around!

2. Set your alarm to remind you.

3. Set up everything you need the night before so that you do not have an excuse!

4. Believe in yourself! You can do anything you set your mind to. If you need an accountability partner contact me. I’d love to help you out!

Ilyana Castaneda

Fitness Consultant

PinExt Quick Tips To Starting A Workout Program

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